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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It is a Boy!

What a long day - 10th July 2007! Mamma mia!! 22 hours of pain, but absolutely worth it! The worst part was the contractions which started at midnight until we arrived at the hospital at 17:30. Hard to endure when you have not slept since the night before. Why does it always start at night?? He is born at 21:50 and finally we could hold him in our arms and discover him, our new little cute treasure! We are so proud of him! Check his page for pictures here!


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Friday, June 8, 2007

Sexy Belly?

Is a pregnant woman sexy?? Walking around slowly and soflty with a big belly pointing out... sitting with a wobbling belly? When you compare my mensurations 98-104-97 with those of Heidi Klum 90-60-90, and you dare to look at my thick ankles, I think sexy has left me thousand of km away !

But hey, I am busy growing a new human being here! It's head is down now (excellent news), so we are approaching B-Day! It is about time, my body is getting too small for two! I am still the boss and owner, but this little life kangorooing has also a mind of its own. I could almost hear it: "Make place, gimme more space!!" Sudden kicks or turning around are tiring but so special. Mothers say to enjoy them because we'll miss them. I think my internal organs will be glad to get back to their place and do their work without extra stimulations :-) Here is a sneak of baby moving...


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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pregnancy nuisances

Yesterday we got the week 30 echo and everything is going fine. What a great news!
Well, that leaves not much to say unless I make a summary of all these little nuisances I have come across so far. Lately my ankles-feet-fingers are thicker, that is not very comfortable but it is not painful. Often I have acidity coming up my throat, not a pretty feeling but with a Rennie it goes away immediately. Cramps at night in my right calf, horrible feeling that someone is pulling one of your nerves out of your body, but it lasts a second (move your foot to a cold spot in bed). I walk slower and can't stand long on my feet I get tired. I have put on kilos (so weird to see myself in a mirror!!), I snore sometimes (sorry Marco!), I need to pee every hour, the kid is moving so much in my belly it is like a washing machine. Does it look bad? It does not feel so. Anyway, I find it worth it :-) But I kept the worse for the end: pelvis pain, now I thought I was getting disabled, that was a horrifying pain!! Fortunately it lasts only 2 weeks (at around week 20).
Now the advantages for a positive touch! I do not carry heaving things anymore, avoid heavy cleaning around the house, eat what I want when I want and no more monthly invasions!!!


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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Cravings - Behoefte

I am surprised not to have those famous disgusting cravings such as pickles with chocolate...
However I do experience sudden change of taste! Why? It makes no sense!
Now I could eat ice creams all day long! Jam is now irresistible, hmmmmm. What about krentenbollen? (sweet breads with raisins) yummie yummie! What about PIZZA!!!! I could eat only that! On the healthier side I am also crazy of lettuce (is it really me?????).
I cannot stand the smell of coffee, I hate it in normal times, but now it is just limit not to throw up. Also meat baked in butter, I also have a hard time to find it as tasty as I usually do. Hopefully this behaviour will not last too long...


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