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Monday, November 3, 2008

Growing up

Ah still not walking! And yes, still carrying Mr Lazy around! I thought I became much more patient since Thierry is born, but definitely still not enough! On the language side we also face lazyness. But some words definitely come out loud and clear: Bain (bath), Train (rin), Mimi (mice cartoon), Boo (kikeboo), Ba (banaan). Even said a "dolph" just after I told him "dolphin"! Thierry eats better on his own. Still not at ease with getting food on his spoon, but the travel from the plate to his mouth is mastered already for some time. First days drinking on his own (Thanks Betty and Berengere!). Thierry helps removing his shoes, socks and helps putting his hand in the sleeve to dress on. That is so rewarding for all of us! On the imitation side, Thierry would rub his hands over when he sees me putting cream on my hands. When teeth are coming out, Thierry is grumpy, has fever and is a dummy (photo) addicted!! To cure a cold we give Thierry: Luuf (Vicks Baby Balsam), Sambucol for Kids (fruit extracts), nose salt spray, paracetamol in case of fever, extra-more love and tons of patience. It is a time for stunts, more risks and discoveries, watch out little man :-)


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