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weight: 13'500 gr
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cries and Pain

Poor little one, life on earth is tough for Thierry! Belly aches make him scream and his head turns red. We have already tried several tips (change my food, give homeopathic drops, massages, keep him warm, walk around the house holding him on our forearm, singing songs, talking softly, ...) but none worked. It is sad to see him unhappy and we are hopeless. Hold on little man!!


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Thursday, August 2, 2007

New lifestyle

Wow! Where's the time gone? Okay, I knew a baby would take time, but I'd never imagined so much!! I thought he would sleep several times a day for 3 hours long and I would have managed to clean up the house, work on the computer/website, read and have a nap, but noooooooo no no no! Not with Thierry!! He is hungry the whole time or crying for being left alone in his bed. I keep reassuring we will not abandon him... He really misses us, when we pick him up he gives us such a large smile, we forgive him all the trouble :-)


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