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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Independent (Thielly Doen!)

Thielly doen! Yes, he wants to do a lot himself. We cannot encourage him enough!! He fills his bath with water, he cleans the table after eating and he vacuum cleans. Now I understand how big families work. The olders do the cleaning, the youngest the tidying up and the parents the management. hehe

Mr Monkey: he imitates you all the time. You cannot hide!! You're eating? he wants to eat the same thing. What you're drinking looks very tasty: give it to me too! Your shoes: they are MINE! You are scratching your feet? I feel like scratching my feet too. You are playing with that toy? I want to play exactly with that toy right now. He hears "again, again" in a song? He is singing it too. He overhears in your conversation the word "respect"? He makes the sign "respect".

More and more 2 words sentences. That makes him clearer in what he is saying. Funny to realise soon it will not be necessary to complete or guess what he means... Sometimes he asks me something in French and if he doesn't get the answer he wants he turns to his father and asks the same but in Dutch. Here we go, he gets it, yeeehaaaa!

So difficult to take pictures or movies: he only wants to see the pictures taken. But we even haven't had time to take any that he is crying he wants to see the pictures. What a nightmare!
Other painful moments: the last quiet moment time before going to bed, a DVD. He wants Mimi (Maisy Mouse) and 2 minutes later he wants Oui-Oui! (Noody) or vice-versa of course! Make up your mind and hup go bed!


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