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Friday, June 20, 2008

Developping fast

Soon 1 year old! Wow so many changes since Thierry is born! He now follows the book I'm reading him and looks at the pictures and stays concentrated through the 6 pages. He now imitates us really: make same sounds "ball" "jajaja" "mama", uses the second spoon during lunch time, unhandy but very concentrated, all what you do he wants to do too. What a social little boy! We cannot stand without been noticed, he calls people around, gives huge smiles and chats up! Thierry loves making tong noises, Joyce taught him that, and he is quiet good at it now. Thierry loves music, every music: for kids, pop, trance, he moves on the rhythm.
He's been one month ill, chicken-pox (waterpokken, varicelle) and ear infections (oor onstekingen, otites) one after the other. He ate less and slept a lot, total opposite of his nature!
He begins making baby signs, what a shock when I saw him making the "milk" sign! I am now introducing a few more words at a time.


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