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Monday, January 21, 2008

Routine, here we are!

We seem to get a hand on the daily schedule. Took us 6 months! I hope I do not make the *happy dance* too early ;-) We chose for the routine: sleep-eat- play, sleep-eat-play... so that he knows what happens next. Thierry sleeps longer than 45 minutes naps when it is very dark in his room - 98% darkness.
I have so often tried to make him laugh, to get a loud happy big big laugh for months without success. And Marco managed it more than once without intending to do so (see video 16 December). Funny how Thierry laughs for common things, for example you sneeze and make a funny sound. Thierry gets hilarious!
His preferred games are: singing him a song and clapping in our hands, ride-a-horsie (he loves the gallop speed), everlasting game with daddy: in front of the mirror.


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