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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another year gone by

A second year went by and we enjoyed every minute! What a better year than the first one. Not only because we sleep better at night, but Thierry is so much more active, responsive and happy. Actually, these weeks/months are the best ever! As we were told, it only gets better. I must say it is much better than I could ever imagine.

At this age, we sometimes let Thierry choose what he wants on his bread, or if he prefers his jeans over what I wanted him to wear he gets that too. He loves potato chips but can eat them only at parties.

He often repeats some words you've just say, so sweet! He often says the last syllable of words, for example "tunnel" is "nel". Such a lazy attitude, he? :-) Because of me he says Dutch words with a French accent, for example "emmer" (a la French: emmeuuur!) I am so ashamed!

Thierry starts looking to you from under (hereby picture). He is not even doing anything bad, he is just playing and want to make you laugh. We are having lots of laughs in da house! Much less when he spills his drink on the floor, why does it make him laugh so much when we have to clean his mess??

Do all kids love reading books? Thierry loves it and often sits down looking at the pictures quietly on his own. Some other times he would take the book to you to read it together. He's got lots of books and also want to read while I change his diaper. Wanna be a writer or a book critic when you grow up?


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