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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I want chocolate!

Where does that come from? A 2-year old begging for chocolate at 7:45 AM?? And yesterday afternoon, and yesterday before lunch... he comes to the kitchen asking for "koolaa". Do we eat so much chocolate with him? I did not realise that.

Thierry's got a cold again. Wow that was a long time, maybe 3-4 months ago? We did not miss it! I remember I was told kids have never ending colds until 2 year old, or from 2 to 4 years old. I hope the next one will be at 4 years old! *fingers crossed*

It was difficult going to bed before his cold this week. He would even ask to have his diaper changed or to drink something. I make it as uncomfortable possible so that he doesn't enjoy the time his bedtime is postponed.

Some words are not easy to understand: fiets (bike), schoen (shoe). In fact you understand it when he says it and points it with his little finger!! haha

Some words he says both in Dutch and French, for example: running or flowers. He would say them one after the other, or use one language at random. Mostly he would repeat in the language you would say back to him at that moment. So he still does not make specifically the difference French to Mama, Dutch to Papa.

We are facing a problem: how can we make him stop shouting, or run in shops? He would run to the far other end of the shop and play with the curtains in fitting rooms?? Any tips, advices, experiences are welcome. Thanks!


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