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weight: 13'500 gr
height: 94 cm
size: 98
last updated: 10-02-2010

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Friday, July 27, 2007


Such a small human being, such a small head and so delicate body! But what a big appetite!! I call him: "My little Piranha", he can bite my boob and suck it so strong - I am surprised he has not yet eaten a piece off! Sometimes his whole body chews along with his mouth.
His mouth also opens wide but without closing, just screaming loud when I change him. He is then: "My little Frog", his legs are so thin and long, but still a big mouth. Will you like working with animals when you are grown up?


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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What a strong fellow

Thierry is not a cryer, what a luck! He is more an eater, he can drink all day long, always with open mouth looking for mommy's huge new features. When he starts drinking he is so tensed you cannot open his fists. When he is not sleeping or eating he makes innocent faces or gives cute exasperated looks. So funny and tender! What will you be when you're grown up? An actor??


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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It is a Boy!

What a long day - 10th July 2007! Mamma mia!! 22 hours of pain, but absolutely worth it! The worst part was the contractions which started at midnight until we arrived at the hospital at 17:30. Hard to endure when you have not slept since the night before. Why does it always start at night?? He is born at 21:50 and finally we could hold him in our arms and discover him, our new little cute treasure! We are so proud of him! Check his page for pictures here!


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