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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Say Cheese!

As a half Dutch and half Swiss citizen, Thierry had to love cheese. Okay we did not expect it would love it that much!!! Also one of the few words he says: kaaaaaaas!! Funny he chooses to say the easier version of a word in Dutch or French.

Thierry gives lots of kisses, sometimes with noise, most of the time without. Aaaaaah so cute!!!!! Very talkative kid, always sounds coming out of his mouth, in a real conversation with someone. Very social, making contact. The other day, walking at the mall, he stopped at the window of a tea-room and knocked at the window to let the people know he was there and gave a smile. Adorable no?

We sleep all night through! I can enjoy life again! it is now 2 full months he sleeps well, finally!!! Not yet walking but lots of 3 steps, almost there!! Thierry says yes the whole time, and 90% of it really means it. For example, he took my hand to walk to the stairs going up. I asked: Wanna go to bed? "ja" and a nod of his head - he was happy going to bed and felt asleep in no time. He really meant it! Sweet little Darling...


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