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Ola, Bonjour, hello, hallo, Guten Tag, God dag, Ciao, Dobrii Den, Konnichi Wa

I follow my steps on the World Wide Web with again a renewed website (version 3.0) and a wonderful girl which I meanwhile have married.

I am still the same cute guy approaching the forties (help!). It took time but finally my superseed found its way: we are multiplying! All these changes in our life deserved a makeover.

It remains a huge job to remake an existing website. With blood, sweat and sighs we eventually managed to finalise it. The content from the previous version remained and will be completed with new pictures, videos, games, stories and adventures... On our blog you can leave your comments (only positive ones!)

Really with only friends and a great girl you still can't make it, you need to survive with a full wallet and a great job. I am a consultant and deliver with my colleagues a Warehouse Management System.

My interests don't stop at computers and family, but further to sports. I am a passionate climber. Beside I often squash, tennis a bit less, and cycle race yet less. I love ski and snowboarding. Oh yeah, and some necessary DIY in the house too!

Since that beautiful summer day in 2002 when I met Cath at the Bloemendaal Beach Pop we travel together, ski and design websites. We are madly in love with each other and enjoy life.

Follow our adventures here, have fun!

Marco & Cath.