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A piece of us...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is This??

We tried new things lately: cutting with scissors, potty training, giving bigger pieces of bread. His clothes are getting much smaller, and Thierry bangs often against chairs and tables like if he is suddendly taller. He also falls often like if he doesn't lift up his feet that much anymore or he is off balance.

Thierry speaks still in telegraphic style: Thierry drives car Papa. Hmmm, he AGAIN wants to drive Papa's car!! It is funny how he still can manage telling you what he did the day before or what he liked doing that day. It is a guessing and asking game, but there really is a dialogue. So cool. However, after we had to punish him (in the corner or on the naughty chair), we ask him if he knows why he was punished, he would say that he did what he was asked to do. But he did not and he was punished for it. Is he trying to change the past?

We are teaching good manners (thanks to Erika as well): Saying thanks and pardon when he burps.

But the major news is the continuous question: WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS DAT?
To everything he sees. I so enjoy telling him what the world is and what there is to see. Don't take anything for granted, little man! The worse is yet still to come: in a few years time it's going to be: WHY? WHY?? WHY??? hehehe


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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mayo - Ketchup

Yep, Thierry loves mayonaise and ketchup. With tosti, with french fries, and today he wanted to have it with a quiche! No, there are limits!!

It is really cute how Thierry speaks, we still need to help him pronounce words better so that everybody can understand him. Like Coni - Macaroni or Caval - Carnaval. Try to understand a 2 and a half year old kid saying: Squash! S and SH are still difficult at this age. So cute to hear tho.
I also have to quit baby talking. I would say: Mama is going to finish this and then we will do that. I want to go back to normal talking with You and I and Me and You. It is such a bad habit I took, but I think all mothers do that. We are still exercising the Yours and Mine, Thierry doesn't get it all the time. Of course, what is Mine makes his Yours. More complicated than repeating!

He starts imitating dancing steps or gestures he sees on TV. If Marco reads a French text out loud for his prononciation, you hear Thierry in the background telling a few of the words.

At the swimming pool last Sunday Thierry had the time of his life! In the 40cm bath we were holding him so that he would not drown. But all he wanted was to let go of him, walk and play with water on his own. It took us 10 minutes to feel more confident, he might not been aware of the danger. Anyway, he played with other kids and their balls, greeted all other parents, laid on the swimming float. At a certain point, we saw him bending his knees and diving in the water until his head was under water! The last 10 minutes after that I put him on the side of the pool land asked him to jump in my arms while I still was in the water. He had so much fun! We will definitely not wait 6 months again to back to a swimming pool!


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Girl toys - Boys toys

Our holiday week in Geneva was rough. Thierry was ill and he ate very little: delicious fresh bread and Swiss cheese are so different to what we eat in Holland. That was a turn off! I go to Geneva to eat all sort of food we don't find here and Thierry was miserable only looking at it!! Fortunately, we had lasagna in a restaurant, then it was all ok again. But later meals were also not exactly like at home, even the soup, so it was slowly or painfully going in his mouth. He lost some weight... Also he was in the "No!" mode. Everything was no. No! No! Don't want this, don't want that! No! As soon as we said: "say bye-bye to Geneva" in the plane, he was al exited. At Schiphol, Opa picked us up and Thierry was all happy, smily, and telling all what happend in Geneva. That was what I call: home sick! Well, we definitely need to broader his food type.

Thierry tries to sing. He often asks me to sing for the last 3 weeks. Now he starts singing but it still sounds like talking weird, hahaha

He is also very interested in the time/clock. I explained him each hand how fast it turns and how many minutes it is. We stayed once 15 minutes studying it while we were waiting for Vida to come. How many minutes it passed already and how many minutes still need to come. It was very intense learning! Every time he plays with an alarm clock he manages to set the alarm. And a few hours later (mostely at night of course!!) it goes off. The weatherstation, the runningwatch, his own alarm clock, they all ring once he has played with them. And we always forget to check if the alarm is off after he played with it :-P

Thierry likes touching make up stuff in the shops, he likes playing with dolls and prams, cleaning with his broom and making tea with his tea set. Fortunately, he loves playing with his cars. Finally he can play on his own!!! That was not too soon, I am telling you! Why we didn't give him that garage before?? What I also enjoy a lot is having a conversation with friends while Thierry can play on his own. This is heaven!! Keeping an eye on him, and still chatting with friends. I am living again!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is the time when Sinterklaas is in a lot of conversations. Thierry can put his shoe in front of the fireplace (and get chocolate or maspain), music CDs playing in shops and at school, chocolate and stories. It is a very well running tradition in this country. One day we told Thierry that he could ask Sinterklaas for a broom of his own in stead of stealing ours. The next day he told me while looking at my ring: "Sinterklaas Give Ring". That is clear, he got the message that he can get presents from Sinterklaas "Mr-Presents-Man"!

Thierry got his first vaccin H1N1 and will get the second half december. We all have been ill with flue and cold, who knows maybe we got that swine flue already...

Lunch and dinner are times when Thierry tells stories. What he saw on TV or what he liked earlier that day or what we are going to do later. Of course it is "words put together" discussion, without any grammar so it makes it not very clear to understand right away. For example: Windmills swim sea, or Pretty teddybear sing wheel. Yep, it takes also a whole conversation to get what is playing in his little head.

Thierry is busy understanding "you" and "me" (toi, moi). Yep, when I say it, it is reverse than what he says, pretty confusing, he! Also very busy "writing" he loves me to write some letters, and he tries to write them too... Not easy! Thierry starts counting as well, 2,4,5,18 :-)


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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Independent (Thielly Doen!)

Thielly doen! Yes, he wants to do a lot himself. We cannot encourage him enough!! He fills his bath with water, he cleans the table after eating and he vacuum cleans. Now I understand how big families work. The olders do the cleaning, the youngest the tidying up and the parents the management. hehe

Mr Monkey: he imitates you all the time. You cannot hide!! You're eating? he wants to eat the same thing. What you're drinking looks very tasty: give it to me too! Your shoes: they are MINE! You are scratching your feet? I feel like scratching my feet too. You are playing with that toy? I want to play exactly with that toy right now. He hears "again, again" in a song? He is singing it too. He overhears in your conversation the word "respect"? He makes the sign "respect".

More and more 2 words sentences. That makes him clearer in what he is saying. Funny to realise soon it will not be necessary to complete or guess what he means... Sometimes he asks me something in French and if he doesn't get the answer he wants he turns to his father and asks the same but in Dutch. Here we go, he gets it, yeeehaaaa!

So difficult to take pictures or movies: he only wants to see the pictures taken. But we even haven't had time to take any that he is crying he wants to see the pictures. What a nightmare!
Other painful moments: the last quiet moment time before going to bed, a DVD. He wants Mimi (Maisy Mouse) and 2 minutes later he wants Oui-Oui! (Noody) or vice-versa of course! Make up your mind and hup go bed!


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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, he says his name, how cute! Rs and Ss are not masterized yet, but he's doing his best. Thierry speaks more and more words. He uses almost no signs anymore, and the baby words he invented are little by little replaced by their real words. For example, moto was kiim, xylophone was koukass, windmill was goula, bird is still goh, vacuum cleaner is also go, a tractor was go as well, dadou-dadou is still truck, gramina is still not clear to us! And chocolat is still koolaa. We eat often chocolate at home, actually all our deserts are chocolate vla or pudding. And at breakfast we have hagelslag :-)

Thierry is the kind to touch everything. Bit annoying while shopping, but at least he is interested in what is around him. The other day a little girl his age was also waiting in line at the bakker, he went to her and hugged her! Now that was a first! I prefer this than when sometimes he doesn't want to play and pushes a little boy away.

What he likes these last weeks is to put on our shoes and walk with them. Is he that in a hurry to grow up? hehe

He starts making the difference between French words to mama and Dutch words to Papa. The best way to realise that is to ask him: "and how does papa say?" "and mama says?" Then he uses the correct language. We often hear the same word in both languages when he communicates, so he definitely knows they both mean the same thing. His vocabulary is exploding. He still loves books with items drawned and we tell him what they are called or ask him how they are called.

I finally found a recipe to keep Thierry quiet while brushing his teeth: I sing him a song with improved text on the melody of Noddy's adventures. After a lot of experiments and strenght and despair I can now get Thierry's teeth cleaned without hassle :-) It was about time!!

Thierry is now more found of Oui-Oui (Noddy) than Mimi (Maisy Mouse). It is also more elaborate in drawings and dialogues. There are still so many cartoons to discover, little fellow!


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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I want chocolate!

Where does that come from? A 2-year old begging for chocolate at 7:45 AM?? And yesterday afternoon, and yesterday before lunch... he comes to the kitchen asking for "koolaa". Do we eat so much chocolate with him? I did not realise that.

Thierry's got a cold again. Wow that was a long time, maybe 3-4 months ago? We did not miss it! I remember I was told kids have never ending colds until 2 year old, or from 2 to 4 years old. I hope the next one will be at 4 years old! *fingers crossed*

It was difficult going to bed before his cold this week. He would even ask to have his diaper changed or to drink something. I make it as uncomfortable possible so that he doesn't enjoy the time his bedtime is postponed.

Some words are not easy to understand: fiets (bike), schoen (shoe). In fact you understand it when he says it and points it with his little finger!! haha

Some words he says both in Dutch and French, for example: running or flowers. He would say them one after the other, or use one language at random. Mostly he would repeat in the language you would say back to him at that moment. So he still does not make specifically the difference French to Mama, Dutch to Papa.

We are facing a problem: how can we make him stop shouting, or run in shops? He would run to the far other end of the shop and play with the curtains in fitting rooms?? Any tips, advices, experiences are welcome. Thanks!


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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Praising and Rewards

We are still amazed how much Thierry has changed since he is born. Okay it is now 2 years ago and we should get over it, but still! We were used to carry him so often, and now: almost not anymore! He even goes up and down the stairs (I hold his hand and focus on him). He used to ask for his pacifier while shopping or in the car, and now: barely! He even names it: " 'peen " He speaks so many words. You hear him repeat your swearing! Oh this is so embarrassing in shops! He sometimes say: " Oh no " or " Oh yes " so cute!

He really is a good boy. He doesn't fight or argue. He even asks you if something is allowed before he would do it (" mag? "). Should he say no when you ask him to do something, without insisting but firmly confirming he needs to do it and just waiting for a minute, he comes and do it anyway. I am sure patience is the key to lots of hassle at this age. Oh yeah, with a lot of praising too. I so deeply hope it stays that easy!

He helps taking clothes out of the wasching machine or hanging them, or he would put chairs back to their place. But his toys? Naaaa, they are left in the middle of the living room, or better: in our small kitchen. And it is not easy to get him put all his lego back in their box. Unless you tell him that once his toys are tidy up we'll go to the Kermis or to the Beach... you see him speeding like mad!

We started putting Thierry on the potty. He has one that plays music when he pees. Very rewarding! But no success yet. I guess it is too early, he doesn't go the stairs standing on his own anyway.


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Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday

What a language explosion: everyday Thierry says new words! Unbelievable how fast it goes. When Thierry really doesn't want something and "nee" still doesn't make you understand, he will throw a loud: "non!" Marco learns some French words from Thierry, yep son's already outpasted his father!

Bad times falling, lots of cries. Thierry bit his lip bad several times already. And it bleeds a lot!! Everytime I am in total panic because I don't know what to do. Is there anything to do beside wet cold cloth on it?? After a few minutes I calmed down I comfort him by saying: "I know it is very painful, but soon it will not hurt anymore". Poor kiddo!

Thierry loves making music: for his birthday he got lots of instruments: a drum, maracas, harmonica, tambourin.

We were very surprised to see Thierry removing his trousers on his own. Of course we helped with his zip and button. Now we are working on the putting trousers mode.


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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another year gone by

A second year went by and we enjoyed every minute! What a better year than the first one. Not only because we sleep better at night, but Thierry is so much more active, responsive and happy. Actually, these weeks/months are the best ever! As we were told, it only gets better. I must say it is much better than I could ever imagine.

At this age, we sometimes let Thierry choose what he wants on his bread, or if he prefers his jeans over what I wanted him to wear he gets that too. He loves potato chips but can eat them only at parties.

He often repeats some words you've just say, so sweet! He often says the last syllable of words, for example "tunnel" is "nel". Such a lazy attitude, he? :-) Because of me he says Dutch words with a French accent, for example "emmer" (a la French: emmeuuur!) I am so ashamed!

Thierry starts looking to you from under (hereby picture). He is not even doing anything bad, he is just playing and want to make you laugh. We are having lots of laughs in da house! Much less when he spills his drink on the floor, why does it make him laugh so much when we have to clean his mess??

Do all kids love reading books? Thierry loves it and often sits down looking at the pictures quietly on his own. Some other times he would take the book to you to read it together. He's got lots of books and also want to read while I change his diaper. Wanna be a writer or a book critic when you grow up?


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