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weight: 13'500 gr
height: 94 cm
size: 98
last updated: 10-02-2010

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Messing Around...

Not only Thierry eats, but also all his clothes, even his socks! Oh yeah and don't forget my clothes as well, because from Thierry's mouth flies mashed vegetables with meat everywhere! It is really an art to manage feeding him the cleanest possible: have him open the mouth when the spoon is presented, have him keep his head still and facing the spoon, having him not clapping his hand on the spoon (this one is sooo dangerous), having him not suck his socks when his mouth is full of food. Well I give up on the tidy lunches!
Thierry discovers now shouting. It is funny how happy he is when he makes loud and high tones. He loves standing on his feet and holds his legs stretched, he can't wait to walk!!


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