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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ready? Steady? Dive!

We are ready! The room's ready, clothes're ready, decoration's ready, we are just waiting for one person! kikaboo where are you??? We are now middle week 37 of pregnancy and my belly feels a bit smaller, maybe it has lower down a little. I feel good, could sleep hours and hours if I let me to. It is now relax time watching tv or visiting friends. In a few days our world will change, there will be cries, kisses and lack of sleep. Marco and I will be tired, desperate to understand, however in admiration for this new life we have created. I can't wait!!! Dive out, we are ready! (had you guessed the photo is a leg and foot?)


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Friday, June 8, 2007

Sexy Belly?

Is a pregnant woman sexy?? Walking around slowly and soflty with a big belly pointing out... sitting with a wobbling belly? When you compare my mensurations 98-104-97 with those of Heidi Klum 90-60-90, and you dare to look at my thick ankles, I think sexy has left me thousand of km away !

But hey, I am busy growing a new human being here! It's head is down now (excellent news), so we are approaching B-Day! It is about time, my body is getting too small for two! I am still the boss and owner, but this little life kangorooing has also a mind of its own. I could almost hear it: "Make place, gimme more space!!" Sudden kicks or turning around are tiring but so special. Mothers say to enjoy them because we'll miss them. I think my internal organs will be glad to get back to their place and do their work without extra stimulations :-) Here is a sneak of baby moving...


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