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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mayo - Ketchup

Yep, Thierry loves mayonaise and ketchup. With tosti, with french fries, and today he wanted to have it with a quiche! No, there are limits!!

It is really cute how Thierry speaks, we still need to help him pronounce words better so that everybody can understand him. Like Coni - Macaroni or Caval - Carnaval. Try to understand a 2 and a half year old kid saying: Squash! S and SH are still difficult at this age. So cute to hear tho.
I also have to quit baby talking. I would say: Mama is going to finish this and then we will do that. I want to go back to normal talking with You and I and Me and You. It is such a bad habit I took, but I think all mothers do that. We are still exercising the Yours and Mine, Thierry doesn't get it all the time. Of course, what is Mine makes his Yours. More complicated than repeating!

He starts imitating dancing steps or gestures he sees on TV. If Marco reads a French text out loud for his prononciation, you hear Thierry in the background telling a few of the words.

At the swimming pool last Sunday Thierry had the time of his life! In the 40cm bath we were holding him so that he would not drown. But all he wanted was to let go of him, walk and play with water on his own. It took us 10 minutes to feel more confident, he might not been aware of the danger. Anyway, he played with other kids and their balls, greeted all other parents, laid on the swimming float. At a certain point, we saw him bending his knees and diving in the water until his head was under water! The last 10 minutes after that I put him on the side of the pool land asked him to jump in my arms while I still was in the water. He had so much fun! We will definitely not wait 6 months again to back to a swimming pool!


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