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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Get me right!

Amazing how much Thierry understands!! He understands when you're saying that first he finishes his plate then he can play, that it is soon time to go to bed, that it is bath time, please tidy up your toys, let's put your shoes we are going out, shall we dance? etc. Just a word: Cheers, and he slams his mug against yours with a huge smile!

At bed time we read Thierry one of his books, he knows them all by heart and points out the right object you ask him where it is. Of course that works if he is not too tired. Same thing on the family photos board, he knows every member and can point them out easily.

He walked 5 steps from Marco to the TV. What a spectacle! He did it a few times until he felt against the tv furniture... That was not very ensuring, hmmm. So now he is even more careful. When will he finally walk? Or is he not going to walk but straight going to run??

Thierry seems to say Mammy, and Daddy is: Pa. Some other words are: K3 (Dutch speaking band for kids), ballon. Sometimes we teach him not only the name but also a sound and gesture with it. For example a moto: "broom-broom" and move both your wrists giving gas. So if you say "moto" without a picture/book, then Thierry would do the sound "broom-broom" and move his little hands, very funny and soooooo cute!!


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