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Friday, August 29, 2008

Being a parent

What surprises me all the time is how slow we get used to a routine, and as soon as we master it, it is time to change it already! It applies for everything, food, sleep. Other domains it is the total opposite, I would like Thierry to hurry up. Like walking, c'mon Thierry, two steps please! I would not need to carry you so often. And also to eat on your own, take that spoon, fill it with food and hop in your mouth please! What is also funny is how often your role as a parent needs to be adapted to the kid's age. At the early age you help a boy to discover everything around him, and a few months later you teach him to stop touching everything because some stuff are not for him. Soon you will teach him how to ask question and the next thing will be to ask him to shut the hell up because you are too tired for "all those questions"! Ah la la....


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