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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Praising and Rewards

We are still amazed how much Thierry has changed since he is born. Okay it is now 2 years ago and we should get over it, but still! We were used to carry him so often, and now: almost not anymore! He even goes up and down the stairs (I hold his hand and focus on him). He used to ask for his pacifier while shopping or in the car, and now: barely! He even names it: " 'peen " He speaks so many words. You hear him repeat your swearing! Oh this is so embarrassing in shops! He sometimes say: " Oh no " or " Oh yes " so cute!

He really is a good boy. He doesn't fight or argue. He even asks you if something is allowed before he would do it (" mag? "). Should he say no when you ask him to do something, without insisting but firmly confirming he needs to do it and just waiting for a minute, he comes and do it anyway. I am sure patience is the key to lots of hassle at this age. Oh yeah, with a lot of praising too. I so deeply hope it stays that easy!

He helps taking clothes out of the wasching machine or hanging them, or he would put chairs back to their place. But his toys? Naaaa, they are left in the middle of the living room, or better: in our small kitchen. And it is not easy to get him put all his lego back in their box. Unless you tell him that once his toys are tidy up we'll go to the Kermis or to the Beach... you see him speeding like mad!

We started putting Thierry on the potty. He has one that plays music when he pees. Very rewarding! But no success yet. I guess it is too early, he doesn't go the stairs standing on his own anyway.


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