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Friday, September 19, 2008

More interaction

I get handy in eating together with Thierry. Thierry gets his food from my right hand, and I eat with my left hand. Finally I have discovered the trick to eat warm and feed him at the same time. Thierry is interested in normal objects, I mean not his toys, but stuff that we use everyday, or cupboards, stuff on the table, in the kitchen. Not so much interested in his toys lately.
After our bed ritual of reading a book, waving good night at the window and playing the music box, Thierry is always eager to go in his bed. I hardly can steal one last kiss before he lays down. I hope he will keep this attitude for a VERY LONG time!
Thierry is the happiest among other kids. Highly social, he crawls behind them, makes contact with a large smiling and making high exited sounds!
Thierry is sad, tired and you get nothing out of him? Just play music, you will see his mouth turning to a bright smile and dancing on the music.... If that even doesn't work? It is time for bed then! Too tired to do anything.


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