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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Knowing his ABC...

After a lot of practice we managed to get Thierry open his lips to brush his outside front teeth. What a patience, we deserve a medal! Really! In the serie kids loves playing with everyday's items: stairs!! His favorite game for about 2 months now... He even climbs them 2 by 2 (while I hold his hands, of course). Okay there is another thing he loves even MORE: look at his pictures or movies. What a narcissist! He loves looking at pictures when he was a few days/months old. It is more and more difficult to take pictures or film him as he wants to look at the camera right away.

On the bilingual side, Thierry says more and more words in both languages. But he chooses one word per thing. I explain him that Mama calls it so and Papa calls it different but both words mean the same thing. What I find inconvenient is that I seem to be the only one to understand him completely. He speaks a few words in French and at this age he still doesn't pronounce words correctly. Maybe it is for every kid the same, mothers understand their child the best even in one language families?

We are so surprised at seeing Thierry learning letters. His toys are on a foam puzzle letter mat and he started with the X. He came to us asking what it was. And then with the A, etc. We showed him the T "for Thierry, Tea, Tractor, Train..." Look here at the movie knowing the alphabet. He recognises letters everywhere now, in shops, on advertisement boards, magazines. It is so amazing, we have never planned this. Kids really learn so quick and unexpectedly. Like words they say, you have no influence on what they will choose to pronounce and use. It is so cute to hear for the first time a word you said so often, and just out of the blue he says it too!


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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Preferred activities

The funniest experience is going shopping with Thierry. To him: huge playgrounds! Try to get him come back to you, ask him to stay close or have him put what he took back on the shelves: GOOD LUCK! Like other activities the best hint is take your time, no rush or it ends in tears.

Luckily with sunny weather is playing with sand in the garden a must. Guess what you find in Marco's shoes coming back from the garden? Yes, sand, or a stone, or one of his little shovels...

Playing with water is also Thierry's big hobby. Not only in bath, nooooo also when eating! Taking water from one glas and pouring it into his plastic glas which always spills on the floor!

The other day he made the sound of "cold" I asked him if he wanted a jacket he says "ja!" Amazing and practical! Thierry likes to do his hair, he uses the brush and the comb. Also likes when we put gel in his hair... Thierry sleeps well and falls as sleep easily, our routine is working perfectly.


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