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weight: 13'500 gr
height: 94 cm
size: 98
last updated: 10-02-2010

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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yep, not only Thierry is getting taller and heavier, he also gets his own personality. He wants to touch and know everything, and patience is not an option! He knows how to push all lights switches and finds it interesting to turn them on and off and on and off and... He points his little finger to wherever he wants to go or touch. He laughs when the spoon full of food falls down. He loves putting his spoon into your mouth as well. Or puts his dummy (speen, sucette) into our mouth or into the pretty lady's mouth on the magazine cover. He discovers volumes, puts blocks in the big box and then passes a block through one of the thick rings. Even tries to put his big monkey in the not-so-big-box-after-all. He throws the ball and if you throw it back to him he giggles. He seems to say the word ball, but as he says it all day long, we are not sure he really means it. For his 10 months anniversary he got the chicken-pox (waterpokken, varicelle) together with a cold and ears infection. Fortunately it was discovered and cured. Now Thierry is fully recovered and eats, drinks and laughs as normal again. He still crawls backwards, and seems not to have enough strength in his arms to tiger his way forwards. What he prefers are social contacts, far more over a book. He would then call you with a ba sound and smile and claps in his hands when you talk to him. And if you come to him and tickle him he would giggle asking for more.


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