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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Having a great time

We are now in a rather settled routine with some kind of a predictable rhythm, which is heavenly appreciable. Thierry can sleep the whole night through (although not every night), he finally manages to find his pacifier and puts it in his mouth (it was about time!). Thierry eats more and more various food, and this without chocking. He plays longer and longer on his floor mat independently giving me enough time to vacate to my duties. In short, we are having a more pleasant period than ever before.

If there is an advice I could give about kids: get yourself a beautiful house - because you will stay home a lot! Get yourself a partner you are proud of and have fun with - because a kid will test your patience and creativity, you'll need to support each other and have fun together - at home! Go visit the world and get out a lot because once kids are there, it is all about planning, babysitting and moving bags containing 2000 items your baby needs outside of the house.

Now Thierry loves to play peek-a-boo on his own (by covering his eyes with a toy or jumper) and finds special noises and particularly animal sounds super funny. We love to see him laughing out loud! He touches everything, interested in all what he sees. Will you be an explorer when you're grown up??


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