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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, he says his name, how cute! Rs and Ss are not masterized yet, but he's doing his best. Thierry speaks more and more words. He uses almost no signs anymore, and the baby words he invented are little by little replaced by their real words. For example, moto was kiim, xylophone was koukass, windmill was goula, bird is still goh, vacuum cleaner is also go, a tractor was go as well, dadou-dadou is still truck, gramina is still not clear to us! And chocolat is still koolaa. We eat often chocolate at home, actually all our deserts are chocolate vla or pudding. And at breakfast we have hagelslag :-)

Thierry is the kind to touch everything. Bit annoying while shopping, but at least he is interested in what is around him. The other day a little girl his age was also waiting in line at the bakker, he went to her and hugged her! Now that was a first! I prefer this than when sometimes he doesn't want to play and pushes a little boy away.

What he likes these last weeks is to put on our shoes and walk with them. Is he that in a hurry to grow up? hehe

He starts making the difference between French words to mama and Dutch words to Papa. The best way to realise that is to ask him: "and how does papa say?" "and mama says?" Then he uses the correct language. We often hear the same word in both languages when he communicates, so he definitely knows they both mean the same thing. His vocabulary is exploding. He still loves books with items drawned and we tell him what they are called or ask him how they are called.

I finally found a recipe to keep Thierry quiet while brushing his teeth: I sing him a song with improved text on the melody of Noddy's adventures. After a lot of experiments and strenght and despair I can now get Thierry's teeth cleaned without hassle :-) It was about time!!

Thierry is now more found of Oui-Oui (Noddy) than Mimi (Maisy Mouse). It is also more elaborate in drawings and dialogues. There are still so many cartoons to discover, little fellow!


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