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Friday, October 31, 2008


Nee-Nee! Now that Thierry learnt saying no, we hear it all the time. Thanks Betty in Italy! He knows very well what he is not allowed to do, and says right away: Nee Nee (in Dutch). For example he sees a glas on the table, and would like to grab it: Nee Nee. Or when he wants to touch the plant, the telephone, the tv remote: Nee Nee. He raises his finger and waves it in the air. Anyway, even if he says Nee Nee, most of the times he still goes for it and grabs it if you do not stop him first. When are you going to say: Ja Ja??? (yes)

Sometimes I find difficult to remain serious when asking Thierry not to do something because he gives me this so cute look. But I have to focus and show him it is not a joke. If he gets it is a joke, he will do it thousands of times to make you laugh, he loves laughing. Aaaah kids!!


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