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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is the time when Sinterklaas is in a lot of conversations. Thierry can put his shoe in front of the fireplace (and get chocolate or maspain), music CDs playing in shops and at school, chocolate and stories. It is a very well running tradition in this country. One day we told Thierry that he could ask Sinterklaas for a broom of his own in stead of stealing ours. The next day he told me while looking at my ring: "Sinterklaas Give Ring". That is clear, he got the message that he can get presents from Sinterklaas "Mr-Presents-Man"!

Thierry got his first vaccin H1N1 and will get the second half december. We all have been ill with flue and cold, who knows maybe we got that swine flue already...

Lunch and dinner are times when Thierry tells stories. What he saw on TV or what he liked earlier that day or what we are going to do later. Of course it is "words put together" discussion, without any grammar so it makes it not very clear to understand right away. For example: Windmills swim sea, or Pretty teddybear sing wheel. Yep, it takes also a whole conversation to get what is playing in his little head.

Thierry is busy understanding "you" and "me" (toi, moi). Yep, when I say it, it is reverse than what he says, pretty confusing, he! Also very busy "writing" he loves me to write some letters, and he tries to write them too... Not easy! Thierry starts counting as well, 2,4,5,18 :-)


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